Add Helium is pleased to announce the completion of the latest expansion of our service department…AGAIN! Last fall we doubled the size of our service department in hopes of meeting customer demand. Fortunately, our “Ship-You-A-Box” program and the addition of our Interactive Service System was so popular, we discovered that we needed to expand even further. Now we have over 1000 sq. ft. of dedicated service space along with a team of factory trained technicians available to promptly meet your service needs.

Why are so many people choosing to use the Add Helium service department? Simply put: we make it easy! Just contact Add Helium and we “Ship-You-A-Box” so you can send us your rebreather, regulator or any other item for service. Just place your item in the box, stick the prepackaged shipping label on the box, and Fed-Ex does the rest. Everyone loves how easy this is!

If that was not convenient enough for you, we take it one step further. From the moment your gear arrives at Add Helium, our computer controlled management system lets you know what’s happening, every step of the way. That’s right, you get an email every time it moves through the various service steps.

If for some reason you didn’t check your email, you can easily log-in to your account and track its progress from anywhere. And in case that was not enough, we tried something really novel: we actually answer the phone during business hours every business day! That’s right, our friendly staff is available to talk by phone!

So contact Add Helium for all your future service needs and you will discover why so many people are choosing to do the same.