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Thread: PastoDeco 3.4 w/Pyle Stops and Cave/wreck support

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    PastoDeco 3.4 w/Pyle Stops and Cave/wreck support

    I released PastoDeco© 3.4.1 all platforms ( Windows, Mac OSX, iOS, Android ) wich supports:

    - Deep stop, Pyle stops
    - Multioption bailout
    - Advanced Multilevel cave/wreck profiles ( or Mixed OW/Cave dives, OC/CCR, Bailout )
    - Gas weight infos: weight at full tank and loss of weight due to consumption
    - PpN2/PpO2 in charts, with user selectables items to show/hide in charts

    CCR multilevel dive with 2 under ceiling segments. You can choose Bailout switch point to evaluate several scenarios.
    You can choose from farthest under ceiling point, from under ceiling exit or from last dive segment.

    You put simply under ceiling segment gas and one way time; the app automatically adds return path.
    Directions are indicated by icons in runtime.

    Chart with both Buhlmann and VPM profiles, PpO2/PpN2 curves, and popup menu that let's you to select wich items to show/hide in chart

    Gas weight informations: before diving at full tank and weight loss due to gas consumption.

    Deco stops menu let's you to set deep stops or Pyle stops and their duration.

    Deep/Pyle stops are identified in RunTime by icons.

    Cave/wreck setting when adding levels/gases

    Windows and Mac OSX versions:
    download ( for free ) link: http://pastodeco.antoniopastorelli.com

    iOS Std/Pro versions: search on App Store
    Android Std/Pro versions: search on Play Store

    If you purchase a Pro version ( any platform ), you can buy any

    further version at only 5,99€ ( with proof of purchase ).

    Multi platform: Microsoft Windows, Mac OSX, iOS for iPhone and iPad, Android Phones and tablets
    Multi deco model: Buhlmann GF ZH-L16A, ZH-L16B, ZH-L16C, VPM-B, VPM-B/GFS
    Multi gas: Air, Nitrox, Trimix, Heliox, HeliAir, Triox
    Multi circuit: OC Open circuit, CCR Closed circuit rebreather, mixed ( CC + OC )
    Repetitives dives: Unlimited repetitives dive with customizables surface intervals and surface breathing gases.

    METRIC and IMPERIAL units systems
    Multi language: English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, German, Greek, Turkish, Chinese

    Customizations: Air breaks, bailout profiles, lost gas profiles, contingency plannings, Altitude dives, Last stop depth, stops intervals

    depending on depth, variables ascent/descent speeds, tank switch time, variable setpoint depending on depth, water salinity

    Utilities: Send/receive/backup settings on the cloud, email dive plan sending, screenshots, Step-by-step control of gas consumption, PpO2 and CNS%, map of hyperbaric centers
    Charts with both Buhlmann and VPM profiles, eventually with real profile downloaded from a Shearwater dive Computer, Interactive tissues load chart, Save/load plans

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    New version PastoDeco 3.5.0 is now available.

    New version PastoDeco 3.5.0 is now available.

    Russian language, Isobaric counterdiffusion warnings, user customizables min. deco stop times depending on depth, Bluetooth dive logs download from Shearwater Predator/Petrel dive computers ( destktop versions ), Import of already downloaded logs files with Shearwater Desktop app ( *.swlogdata and *.swlogzp ), Import of generic UDDF log files.

    Mobile versions are on respective Stores.
    Desktop versions, from tomorrow on: http://pastodeco.antoniopastorelli.com

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