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Thread: Shout out to Dive Rite

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    Shout out to Dive Rite

    Hi everyone,

    Just wanted to share with you my appreciation for the extraordinary customer service offered by Dive Rite.

    Over the past 18 months I've have two instances now where I've been in need of some not particularly common parts for my gear. Just small stuff but hard to get. On both occasions my inquiries eventually lead me back to the source and both times Dive Rite responded by sending the parts across the country to me completely free of charge. In both instances it was for equipment that was way, way, way out of warranty!

    So I just wanted to let you all know a good news story in a world where that kind of customer service is rare.

    Many thanks to Lamar and everyone at Dive Rite.



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    Re: Shout out to Dive Rite

    I'm still using a Dive Rite Classic Wing, every single week, that I bought new back in May 1998.
    Over 2000 dives on it, and it is still working just as well as it did when I bought it.
    My only gripe is that the original black color has faded to a dark grey.
    But I can live with that, since neither me or my car look as good now as they did 17 years ago.

    Dive Rite makes great gear!


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