The Ghostfleet refers to a group of pristine wrecks in the warm blue waters of the lower Key’s and the Dry Tortugas. As Captain Frank of the M/V Spree says “These wrecks aren’t artificial reefs – these were all sunk by collision. Collision with another ship or collision with naval weapons.”Due to the remote nature of these wrecks they are seldom dove, and seldom seen. In July of 2015, the Add Helium dive team will board the M/V Spree and spend 4 days diving these wrecks. You are invited to join us.

The trip will depart from Key West, Florida on the afternoon of July 8. We will have 4 days of diving, and return on the afternoon of July 12. You have the option os staying onboard overnight and departing the following day.

The final itinerary will vary, based on conditions, and majority vote from the divers, but will be a selection of the following wrecks:

The USS Wilkes-Barre (CL-103)
The USS S-16 (SS-121)
USS Curb (ARS-21)
USS Kendrick (DD-612)
USS Fred T. Berry (DD-858)

The M/V Spree is the ultimate expedition and technical dive liveaboard dive vessel. With a large spacious dive deck, there is plenty of room for technical and rebreather divers. The Spree can normally hold 24 divers, but on this trip we will be limited to 12. Accommodations are in semi-private bunks on real mattresses with linens and pillows included.2 dives per day are planned. Dives may be conducted from an acchored vessel, or may be conducted live boat, depending on local conditions.

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