August 19 1901 Klondike gold was transported by the SS Islander belonging to the mighty Canadian Pacific Navigation Company.
At 2:05 a.m. a shock went through the ship caused by a collision. The Islander, once the presumed unsinkable steel hulled flagship
of the Canadian Pacific Navigation Company, struck a submerged rock or iceberg while steaming at 15 knots and went under in
less than 20 minutes.

Until today the Klondike Gold has not been found. Carl Wiley build a diving apparatus that dived the wreck in the 30's using
an oxygen rebreather. His diving apparatus was a very high tech machine these days. Read the amazing story about
his part in the efforts to lift the ship with 40 winches to retrieve the gold.

Please enjoy this story with special thanks to Charles Daigneault for his fantastic graphics!


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