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Thread: 3D from Croatia!

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    3D from Croatia!

    About 4 weeks after arriving home, I finally have edited the 3D-pictures from my holiday and here is a short write up to those who’s interested!

    About the pictures:
    When I’m out keeping lectures, I bring my twin-projector setup that makes me able to show my stereoscopic/3D-pictures by polarized glasses (Same technique like most of the 3D-cinemas) and therefore with no colorloss and in top quality overall but unfortuanetly it is not possible to do through the web on a standard computerscreen.

    To view the stereoscopic/3D pictures on the web at the best quality, you have to be able to “cross" your eyes (To read more just google “crosseye viewing”). Otherwise you can use a pair of the red/cyan colored anaglyph glasses to see the b/w-pictures. I made these as "Grey Anaglyph" to keep down the colorloos but the 3D-effect works fine. Whatever, I hope you will enjoy the few pictures I show here with the short writeup. More pictures will soon arrive at my website about 3Dphotography.

    For the third time my family and I spend 14 wonderful days in Croatia and while my girlfriend and her two daughters relaxed on the beach, I managed to dive 7 different wrecks around Istria!

    Heavily loaded with the four people of us, my complete rebreather, a 7liter stage, drysuit, fins, 3D-dSLR underwater rig + the necessary stuff, my Peugeot 406 made it fine on the 1900km drive from our home in Denmark to Camp Medulin in Croatia!

    Well, I still needed one more stage to go trimix diving on the following days (I REALLY didn't had more space in the car!!), so first of all, I would like to say thanks to Peter (Saboom) for bringing me his 11liter stage with 16/44 trimix.

    Waking up early the two following days, I drove the 60km from Medulin to meet up with Peter at the Lamkra Diving center in Rabac. We did 3 fantastic dives at the wrecks of
    Vis (http://www.marinesport.hr/code/english/divesites/location_vis.htm),

    Peter (Saboom) preparing his JJ-CCR for the Vis!

    Peter at the Vis!

    Another one with Peter at the Vis!

    Peter close to the middle of the Vis!

    Lina (http://www.marinesport.hr/code/english/divesites/location_lina.htm). Peter and me visited the bottom of the wreck at about 52meters and meet up with his son Patrick, the lamkra divingguide "Chis" and another AOW-diver on the upper part that is found from 27meters and down.

    From the left: Patrick (Son of peter) me and Peter on the way to the wreck of Lina!

    Peter close to a winch about the middle of the Lina!

    Peter is moving up the portside of Lina!

    Patrick with the Lamkra divingguide "Chris" and another diver that I don't remember the name of!

    and the Stella Polare(http://www.marinesport.hr/code/english/divesites/location_stella.htm), all found in the Kvarner bay, east of the northern part of Istria. I do had some problems with the camera on the dive at Stella Polare, but got some quite nice 3D shots at the 6 other wrecks I visited all in all!

    Unfortuanetly Peter and his family moved on to Zadar a few days later, so I continued diving from the Medulin Camp where my family and I we were based in a suitable shelbox.
    The Shark Divingcenter was located just 50meters away from our shelbox and the divingboat is arriving just another 100meters away so it couldn’t be more easy. No drive and no messing in and out of the car with the equipment!
    The wrecks around Medulin are mostly found at 35-43meters so with just one 7liter stage and my rebreather of course, I decided to go on air for the following dives.
    Every dive I did here was fantastic too, but I specially remember the Baron Gautch (Also called the “Mini Titanic” because of it shape) with all it’s beautiful details and the nice visibility at about 20meters.

    The bridge of the Baron Gautch!

    David for the rescueboat!

    Beautiful skylight found on the Baron Gautch!

    My VERY good divingguide Andrea on deco after diving the Baron Gautch!

    Another dive that burned deep into my mind was the wreck of Luana. Only few times I have seen so many fish on a wreck before. I felt so close to nature when the schools were passing by over and over again!

    Fish schooling at the wreck of Luana!

    A big steeringwheel found at the bov of Luana!

    I hope the pictures explains for them selves why I already wants to go back!

    The best regards from Kim Meineche!
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