Well I landed on my feet again this week with another oppurtunity to get out and dive with Plymouth Sound BSAC, this time on the Australbush in 60m.

The Australbush was a British steamer of just over 4000 tons enroute from Le Harve to Cardiff when she was torpedoed by UC 31 in 1917.

I jumped in the first pair diving with Ash, the shot on the starboard side of the boiler; I've only ever seen the Australbush [or not] in cack vis, but this time we were really rewarded with great vis and lots of ambient light.

The first thind that struck were the masses of fish on the wreck, good sized shoals of Bib and some decent pollack. I headed round the forward sides of the boilers [there is a bit of net suspended here] past the coaling hatches and back down the port side of the boilers. Aft of the boilers the wreck stands well proud and there is a good size hole here that would be worth a closer look, the wreck is more ship shape aft of the engine and a decent sized spare prop blade stood out, I never made it to the stern and after 20 mins thought it best I go and find Ash again.

All in all a nice little dip, good vis at 10-15m and good company. Thanks again to Sound BSAC and SWM for the wreck info.

All in all a good week!