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Thread: Lake Tahoe

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    Lake Tahoe

    This past weekend (4th of July) I headed over to Lake Tahoe for some diving and R&R. I've been diving on the north shore/ state-line before and wanted to check out the south-side and Rubicon Wall. I managed to find a boat that Strictly Scuba out of Carson City runs. While I have to applaud the customer service of the shop and divemaster, the boat stalled twice in the middle of the lake and for that alone, I have to say I was not impressed with the maintenance of the vessel (co-owned by the shop owner and some dude named "Rooster").

    July 3, 2010 (Rubicon Wall, Emerald Bay, CA Side)

    The dive on the Rubicon Wall was a little uneventful- kind of boring actually. I was diving my Mk15 with the new digital secondary from Kevin Juergensen which was great. Unfortunately, the primary and secondary were out of sync so I dove it manual based on the secondary- no prob. I caulk this one up to user error on calibration of the primary electronics so I have to rework the way in which I did it to find my error (thanks to the secondary I was able to dive and not bag the entire trip). I hit a thermocline at roughly 35' and the temp dropped from the low 60's to 47F! I was diving in my 7mm and could feel it at around 60'- note to self- dive in a drysuit next time. It was a good dive, just not spectacular. For those of you wanting to do this dive from the shore, I'd think twice. The hike down to the shore line and the surface swim will be tough- even if you are a Navy SEAL. I'd definitely recommend this as a boat dive, it will be much more enjoyable that way. While the California side doesn't specifically require a dive flag (the Nevada side does), I'd HIGHLY recommend you tow one. The boat traffic can be quite heavy at times- I can't over emphasize this enough.

    The Barge(s) dive in Emerald Bay was shallow. The mooring is set in roughly 65' of water and the dive moves shallow up to roughly 20'. This is a historical site so no touch/ take. You may encounter old china, bottles, the usual and it's an interesting dive with a plague in between both barges.

    July 4, 2010 (Sand Harbor, NV side)

    This was it for me, a perfect dive site. I popped in at Diver's Cove and headed out to the submerged cement bucket. It has an eye-hook attached so that you can hook your spool/flag to it and sits in roughly 15'. I dove my LAR V which was absolutely perfect for this site. The boulders and submerged rocks were really fun to swim around and through. There were little to no fish life to see but I did manage to find a Smirnoff Ice bottle (still capped) and snagged that (more on that in a minute). To the south of the cove you'll find a really interesting flat rock with almost perfect holes roughly 8" in diameter. I suspect these are from the Indians that used to inhabit this area very similar to the second picture on this link. I guess they are called "matate" but not quite sure. At any rate, these are all over a few huge slabs and were very interesting to poke around. I found a few crawdads and that was about it.

    After poking around for a half hour or so, I headed back into the cove. My max depth was 15' and it was really clear- about 100' vis. The bottom temp was 55F so the 7mm suit, gloves, and hood were toasty warm, I could have stayed down for another hour without thinking about it.

    So back to the Smirnoff Ice...

    I took the bottle out of my weight belt and thought I'd do a little acting for my wife and our nieces and nephew. As I approached 5' I started to ascend with the bottle in my hand. Mind you, I'm on the LAR so no bubbles, just the dive flag towed some distance behind me. I pop out of the water with the bottle in my hand, walk up the beach to my wife and hand it to her. They laughed so hard and I was dubbed the Smirnoff Man (Dos Equis Man had nothing on me that day). So now, I've be dubbed the International Man of Mystery.

    If you'd like more beta on the sites, altitude correction, etc post a note here and I'll update this post. I'm still a bit slow on how to post pictures so I'll have to look into that. I've also created an excel sheet with my equations and conversions based on a SP of 1.2 for the MK15.

    So if you heading to Lake Tahoe, take your crap with you and do a dive or two. It was fun and at 6,300' MSL you can say you dove the big blue at altitude...

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    Re: Lake Tahoe

    thanks for this report.
    I will go to the lake this sunday.
    I will see the place of rubicon from the shore in D.L Bliss. If as you said, it looks difficult to dive from the shore, I will choose an other place.

    Next time I will try to use a boat to dive in the lake, maybe we can plan a week end.

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