Unfortunately, I have come to the conclusion that with all the industry related commitments and work related commitments I have, I will be unable to execute any Monkey Diver Rebreather trips for 2010.

I simply do not have the time to do justice to a trip this year. We are now approaching April. And the logistics of pulling off a trip for 24+ rebreather divers in Egypt is something that the window of opportunity has closed on.

If I can't deliver 110% to the trip, then I run the risk of screwing the pooch for you guys and that’s unacceptable.

My Plan at this point is to shelve 2010. And Kill it in 2011.

By no means is this to be interpreted as a shutdown of Monkey Diver Inc. This is simply one of those times that you recognize as being unprepared to do a dive and need to call it without ever getting in the water.
I will know within 60 days what my planned itineraries will be for the 2011 dive season. My expectation is to push Belize and the Red Sea to next year and simply leverage the work I have done this year for next.
PM me with any questions.