Hey Everyone,

This is an updated version to the Eagles Nest video I shot back in 2007 thats had over 45,000 views! LP had the help of Brett Hemphill, David Schott, Billy Fowler, Jakab R, Joel and Jackie Clark, Curt Bowen, Silent Submersion, some fab lights from Light Monkey to make this video possible, I just pressed record =) This was actually a shoot we did for CBS that should air in late March, i'll keep you updated! Here is a bunch of the video though.

from Liquid Productions, LLC on Vimeo.

Rebreathers, Trimix, DPV's, 600 watts of light and our cameras traveled 2000 feet Upstream to Kings Challenge illuminating one of the most unique underwater cave systems in Florida. The passageways in Eagles Nest is so large we could still only light a section of it. We spent an hour at 270' to capture this never before seen video.

This video was shot over 2 days. One day for Upstream and a second day for the Downstream section. We swam downstream so the video will take you past the Lockwood jump down into the Pit. This video is an updated version to my 2007 Eagles Nest Video.

Please do not attempt to dive Eagles Nest Sink unless you are fully trained to do so.