I am trailering my boat up to Panama City for some dives the weekend of
September 5-6, and have space for a couple experienced divers. The plan is to head about 75 nm SSE to do a quick dive to collect some deep-water coral one day (permitted activity), and then head back to hit the USCGC ZINNIA and LEROY. The other day I plan to head west to hit the USS OZARK or an unknown wreck in 350 fsw. Depending on the time, we can hit a wreck in 160 fsw I am working to identify, or hit something shallow like the TARPON on the way back to the dock.
These will be long days on the water.
Dives are cost share.
Boat is a Parker 2510 WA with twin 200HP Yamaha four strokes, equipped with dive benches.
If interested, send me a PM.