Head of IANTD Italy, Fabio Ruberti is born and bred in Rome, starting his diving career at the age of 16. Today, he has been leader of several technical diving expeditions to some of the most interesting wrecks of World War I and II. His passion for archeology has taken him and his team from the cold waters of the Baltic, exploring the wreck of the Wilhelm Gustloff, to the discovery and identification of the troop carrier steamer Re Umberto and the destroyer Intrepido off the coast of Albania.

Fabio's team also tried to resolve the mystery of the sinking of the Scirè, an Italian submarine that was intercepted by allied forces and which sank close to Haifa during World War II.
At Eurotek he presents an overview of his expeditions to these wrecks.

The research he did on the Szent Istvan however, resulted in a technical dive film, that has won awards at film festivals in Italy, Antibes and Serbia. This is the story of a filmmaker whose passion for history and wreck diving have sent him on several missions to explore wrecks with historical and archeological value, and ultimately to find the truth.