DiveTek would like to announce that at OzTek 2009 in Sydney over the weekend of the 21st and 22nd March we will be offering some great bargains to all attendees and.... TO ANYBODY THAT RINGS IN or EMAILS AN ORDER !!!!


Thats right.. if you are unfortunate enough not to be able to attend... and you are stuck in Upper Kambucta West.... then you can also share in the great prices and products on offer for the week end.

Just have look on our website and on the home page you will find the price lists for both DiveTek and Green Force product.

Now... heres the great news....

For OzTek... DiveTek is slashing prices on all Green Force Lighting, DiveTek Oxygen Analysers and Accessories, Oxygen Sensors, Bauer and Poseidon Compressors, Partial Pressure Fill Whips, Compressor Consumables, Oxygen Boosters, High Pressure Fittings and Much Much More !!!

Green Force Lighting........... ALL LINES... 30% OFF !!!!!

DiveTek Gas Management.......... UP TO 30% OFF !!!!!

So come on up to stand 2 and have a chat about what you need and get it while it's hot.

If you are not able to come... ring either Daryl on 0401813412 or Simon on 0430233522 and place your order.

Or... email us between 8am on Saturday and 5pm on Sunday.

Please check our home page for more information.

Divetek Oz Home page

See you there or speak to you on the phone

Daryl Waters and Simon Hadwin

DiveTek Australasia