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Thread: Well done Eurotek

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    Tor Aadnevik Totto is an unknown quantity at this point Totto's Avatar
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    Re: Well done Eurotek

    Yes, Eurotek was Excellent

    Did a short video if anyone is interested

    YouTube - EuroTek 2008


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    Re: Well done Eurotek

    We would like to thank everyone for the fantastic feedback we have had in response to the EuroTek.2008 Tek diving show in Birmingham from both delegates & exhibitors alike.

    Many of you are sending emails of praise which we cannot thank you enough for. We would especially like to thank our speakers who all made an outstanding contribution. We would also like to thank those delegates that travelled from all over the world, from your emails we know that it was worth the long flights.

    The last few months leading up to EuroTek has been very hard work, with long hours often going well into the night. This was our first show and we can only express our sincere gratitude to all those that supported the event and the exhibitors that gave a bunch of first timers the faith they needed.

    All three of us have now gone back to our normal day jobs and will try and catch up with normal day to day things that have been put on the back bench over the last 6 months.

    We value your kind comments and support and we would love to hear your feedback be it positive or negative or even if you can suggest how we could improve Eurotek IF we decide to run again in 2010. (Perhaps your feed back may persuade us to put all the hard work in again?)We now have a feedback page on the website http://www.eurotek.uk.com/feedback.htm and will make up a page of comments from various mails.

    We have lots of photos which we will post on the website www.eurotek.uk.com as soon as we can, which is going to be very interesting seeing various well known Tek divers dressed in tuxedos for the special awards evening Gala Dinner, which those that were there will know was one to remember. Any one else who has photos they wish to share please contact us.

    Now we have Oztek to look forward to but until the next EuroTek dive safe.

    Kind regards

    Leigh Bishop
    Carl Spencer
    Roz Lunn
    EuroTek 2008 organising team
    Leigh Bishop
    co organiser EuroTek Tek diving show
    www.eurotek.uk.com & www.eurotekpodcasts.com
    Shipwreck Exploration

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