Ok then,

you want to share and article with us? Thats great news!

You just need to head on over to the articles section and choose submit a new article.

There you can upload a piture to use as the icon, and also type in your article or cut and paste it from word etc.

To have bigger pictures in the article itself, the best bet is to upload them to the Gallery and then use the image button within the article editor to insert them into your new article.

After you have submitted yoru article then one of the admins will just give it a quick once over then activate it for you.

If you want to edit your article after it has been uploaded, then please let me or one of the admins know as the software needs updating so you cant do it yoruself - just let us know what changes need doing - sorry

If you don't fancy that way of uploading an article then just email or post up a word or other version of the article and we will publish it for you.