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Thread: Meet the Involution.

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    Meet the Involution.

    Inspiration Vision Conversion to Evolution

    How to make a 3hr evolution

    This project was started by a friend of mine that would like to stay anonymous!

    1. The Parts List:

    I had decided to convert my unit to an Evolution for the reason of travelling abroad and so that I would be able to take everything including cylinders wherever I go. I could have left it as it was, but with excess baggage charges and any single case not exceeding 32kg, the choices were limited. I also wanted to be able to convert it back to the Inspiration if I wanted to with the minimal amount of fuss. With this in mind, I purchased everything I needed so that all I would need to do to change from one unit to the other is remove the 2 bolts that hold the counter lungs, harness and wing. Then change the inhale and exhale pipes onto the scrubber which are shorter than standard Evolution pipes so that it is a simple case of building the unit up as you would normally do so. Listed below is my suggested parts list if you were to follow my route, however, if the conversion was more permanent then this could be shortened.

    From AP:
    • Evolution case (Including all clips & cam bands)
    • 2 x 1st stages - O2 & Dil
    • 2 x Contents gauges - O2 & Dil
    • Manifold
    • 1 x O2 pipe to scrubber
    • 1 x O2 pipe to counter lung
    • 1 x Dil pipe to manifold
    • 1 x Dil pipe to counter lung
    • 1 x Dil pipe to ADV
    • 1 x Dil pipe to wing inflator
    • 2 x Bolts to connect counter lungs, harness & wing
    • Evolution inhale & exhale scrubber pipes fully complete with all fittings
    From other places:
    • Scubapro 120 degree elbow
    • 6mm solid rubber matting
    • 2 x stainless steal nut & bolts
    • Rubber glue
    2. The Conversion

    The main problem with this conversion is that the Inspiration scrubber comes up too high in the Evolution case and this makes getting it in and out extremely difficult. I also did not want too interfere with the breathing loop in anyway at all, therefore a number of cuts have to be made in the back case and the lid.

    The first cut is in the top of the back case (see fig 1) I removed part of the middle ring so that the exhale scrubber pipe can be simply dropped into place. I then removed part of the plastic around the top mounting bolt (see fig 2) this is so that the top lip of the scrubber can locate in this groove. The third cut was done more out of preference than need. I did not like the fact that the contents gauge hose ran up the back of the case and would be able to flop everywhere, when not being used, as there would no wing and harness to keep it located. Due to this, I made the slot that allows the 3 hoses from the manifold out of the case bigger (see fig 3) however, as I have already mentioned, this is personal choice and you do not need to do this. The final two cuts are made in the lid; this is done to allow the lid to shut without it rubbing on the exhale pipe (see fig 4) and so that the handset hose is not bent over inside the case (see fig 5) and can leave the top of the box without fouling.

    You then have to make a template of the area the scrubber will sit in; this is so you can cut out a rubber mat for the scrubber to sit on. This is done using the 6mm rubber matting and once done needs to be glued and bolted in place (see fig 6)

    Finally, you will need to shorten the inhale/exhale pipes to the scrubber and the ADV Dil pipe, but this is something that will need test fitting as each individual is different. Please bear in mind that you have raised the scrubber by at least 70mm so they will need shortening. On my unit I removed 3 rings from both convoluted pipes and I still think there is room for more. As for the ADV Pipe again test fit the unit and then shorten the pipe, on my unit I removed about 80mm so that it followed the line of all the other pipes

    3. Build Up

    When you build your unit up it will be the same as you've always done. The 2 main differences will be that the O2 pipe cannot be screwed directly to the top of the scrubber/solenoid , you will need to use the Scubapro 120 degree elbow as there isn't enough room at the top of your scrubber to get onto it direct (See fig 7). Also the manifold on an Evolution has no O2 feed to it, so it remains loose in the top left hand corner of the back case. Test fit your scrubber, as you will notice that there is still a small gap at the back of the scrubber, it does not quite touch the back of the case towards the top. 1st test fit your scrubber without the lid but with the cartridge in, you will then be able to see how tight you need to get the strap, so that the cartridge is still able to move up and down. This also shows you that the scrubber does not have to touch down completely in the case. Finally test fit again but this time with the lid on so that you can see that when you tighten the strap it does not undo the back catch. Other than these few checks the build up procedures and flags are the same as they would be for your Inspiration.

    Fig 1 - Back case cut outs.

    Fig 2 - Top mounting bolt cut out.

    Fig 3 - Manifold slot.

    Fig 4 - Lid cut outs.

    Fig 5 - Lid in the closed position.

    Fig 6 - Rubber mate glued and bolted to back of case.

    Fig 7 - Scubapro 120 degree bend, O2 pipe onto solenoid.

    Shows pipes clearing back of case

    As you can see it gets a little crowded in there but it works and in my humble opinion works well. You end up with a unit that is 28kg with a 3 hour scrubber!!!!!

    Meet the Involution.
    Inspiration inside an Evolution

    Discuss this article HERE
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