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RSS & Javascript data feeds

RebreatherWorld publishes free rss, rss2 and javascript data feeds of our forum and article content which may be used to syndicate our content onto your own website or into your RSS reader or your Yahoo page etc etc

Using these data feeds you can easily include the latest ScubaBoard threads updated dynamically by our system. To include a data feed on your website simply follow these simple instructions:

Step 1: Select what type of data feed you would like. If you are in doubt you will most likely be using our rss2 feed which is an enhanced xml data feed.

For rss2/ xml use:

For javascript use:

For rss use:

Step 2: Select what forums you wish to syndicate data from.

To syndicate content from all forums simply use the above urls without specifying any additional criteria.

To syndicate from one forum append this to the end of your feed url: &forumids=X where X is the id of the forum you which to syndicate.

To syndicate from more than one forum append this to the end of your feed url: &forumids=X,Y,Z where X Y and Z are the ids of the forums you which to syndicate, you may specify upto 20 forum ids to pull content from using commas to separate each forum id.

Your final url will look something like:,2,6,39 This feed includes the underwater photo, new diver, basic scuba and equipment forums.

Step 3: Now that you have your feed url you will need to import it into your site. This can be accomplished many ways depending on your needs and your hosting options. If you have an rss syndication script you can use this feed directly by following the instructions of your program. If you do not have a script to syndicate rss data feeds and do not wish to install you may want to try these free services:

* *

If you have any additional questions please contact us and will assist you with the implementation of your own rss feed integration with your current website.

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