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  1. All taken care of. Thread is closed. Thanks!
  2. Kristi,

    I sold the Meg and all parts, but due to the fact Im never on this site I dont know how to lock or close it down/remove it, as it seems is the trend. Please advise or do so for me, please?


  3. It was approved yesterday and is visible to everyone
  4. Hi Kristi,

    Sorry for the delay was out of town. I paid the $20 fee and resubmitted the sale email with a picture of the rig. When will it be posted?


    Mike Pizzio
  5. Hi Mike-
    Thanks for using RBW. We have a policy for selling items on the forum. Policy and information on how to pay can be found here: It's a fee per item you are selling or you could become a personal advertiser for $50 USD/year and have the ability to sell all the items you want in that year. The personal advertiser option is a really great option!

    Once I receive your payment, I'll approve your post. If you have any questions, let me know.
  6. Hi Kristi,

    I tried to post a rebreather for sale yesterday (Meg) and havent seen it show up. Did I do something wrong or is it merely awaiting some review?

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