Rebreatherworld "For Sale" Classified Fee is the World’s largest on-line rebreather specific forum. With over 20,000+ members, 30,000+ threads, and 300,000+ posts to date. has evolved into a media super highway, reaching most of the World's serious rebreather and technical divers. has implemented a small fee for item(s) sales through our media highway. This fee is designed to help maintain server bandwidth to your potential buyers / sellers.

Fees are broken down according to the total price of the item(s) you are selling.

For Sale Item Price Breakdown:

$1 to $499 Free to post for RBW user with > 30 posts; $10.00 otherwise
$500 to $2499 $10.00 USD (per sales item)
$2500 to 4999 $20.00 USD (per sales item)
$5000 plus $30.00 USD (per sales item)
RBW Supporting Member $50.00 USD ( Unlimited items/price for one year)


1. Become a RBW Supporting Member (Unlimited items/price for one year) by clicking this button

1. Select the price range for your item(s) in the sales fee menu bar.
2. Enter your RBW user name (required).
3. Enter your RBW user name (required).
4. Click on the "Buy Now" and method of payment (PayPal, Credit or Debit card).

Sales Fee Menu
RBW Member Name