1. scrubber after 160mins
  2. Profile looks ok from the side - much better than I expected and the valves are clear
  3. yes - scrubber does still fit - phew!
  4. cylinders in place no scrubber yet - is there enough space to fit it in - eek ! Nice than my rebreather now stands up on its own though - maybe...
  5. cylinders and regs in place with scrubber - note the really bad hose route to the bottom of the scrubber - really need to fix this!
  6. does my bum look big in this ?
  7. overlap of conterlungs and buoyancy unit in the Ray
  8. skeleton frame mounted on backplate for testing
  9. Electronics pod attached - the gaffa tape is definitely not a long term solution...
  10. the plan for the skeleton frame to hold the tanks. The aluminium weighs in at 1.18kg on dry land so not a huge extra load.
  11. My original working prototype - cylinders mounted on the bottom with super long hoses for the valves - basically what I had in the spare box....
  12. Front view showing the apvalves plastic backplate bolted through the wing with 8mm stainless machine screws to the 'skeleton frame'. I've not yed cut...
  13. It seems to work very neatly - just the stupid hose routing to the bottom of the scrubber to sort out.
  14. To change the scrubber you need to remove one or the other cylinder - not too bad - just a 2 minute job really. Assuming you've space to lay it out.
  15. Oh yes - you need a flowmeter :)
  16. It stands up !
  17. Frame in place - threaded with apvalves inspiration offboard gas cam bands - the ones they sell for argon cylinder mounting
  18. test mounting the frame on the wing
  19. slits cut in scrubber 'wrap' to allow frame to fit whilst scrubber remains held in the origianl strap and wrap arrangement.
  20. ready for the scrubber
  21. 3rdangle
  22. 20130110 195251
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