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I just received the latest safety buletin from the QRSOC Cave Safety Officers Comite. Any questions or inquiries should be dirercted directly to them to the address listed below in the text.


Q.Roo Safety Officers Newsletter Jan 2007

Fellow Cavern / Cave Divers welcome to the Q.Roo Safety Officers Newsletter.
The newsletter this month has information on the following topics:

1. Response to the last QRSOC Bulletin
2. Dos Ojos cavern Line
3. Repair to permanent cave line in Sistema Ponderosa
4. Changes in line and arrows in Sac Actun / Kalimba
5. Paso del Lagarto Jump in Sac Actun
6. QRSOC Donations

Please feel free to forward this newsletter on to anyone you feel may be
interested in it.

Any questions, comments or suggestions concerning the newsletter should be
sent via email to: qroocavesafety@hotmail.com

Please note that responses to the monthly newsletter will not be addressed
on a personal basis or by a particular individual, but on a board level
after being discussed among the Safety Officers and will be posted in the
following months newsletter.

If you are not receiving this email newsletter directly and wish to be added
to our mailing list please send an email with your full name and the word
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If you wish to be removed from the mailing list please send an email to with
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Thank you for your interest and help in making Cavern and Cave diving in
Quintana Roo safer and more enjoyable for all.

Q.Roo Safety Officers Committee

GUE Safety Officer Daniel Riordan
IANTD Safety Officer Scott Carnahan
NACD Safety Officer Chuck Stevens
NSS-CDS Safety Officer Steve Bogaerts

Isla Cozumel
NACD & NSSCDS Safety Officer Germán Yañez Mendoza

1. Response to the last QRSOC Bulletin
During the last few weeks we have received a lot of emails from people
asking to be added to our mailing list, as well as people giving suggestions
on changes to the lines and markers. All suggestions are being considered.
We have also received some reports on line changes that have been addressed
by returning the lines back to their original state. We would like to thank
Joe Radosevic, Walter Jaccard and Brett Eliason for their help returning
some markers back to the way they have been in the past. We appreciate the
support letters we have received. For the people that asked about how they
can help we would like to ask you to help us by reporting any issue
concerning cave safety & conservation.
In the next Newsletter we will be informing you about the responses to the
report sent to several training agencies regarding the unauthorized line and
marker changes in the caves many of you have seen and reported to the QRSOC.
We thank the agencies that have responded so far and we expect to receive a
few more responses from several agencies before our next newsletter.

2. Dos Ojos cavern Line
The QRSOC recently met to discuss the different suggestions we have received
for the routing of the cavern line in Dos Ojos since this line will be
replaced shortly because it is worn on multiple areas. The QRSOC would like
to thank Dennis Weeks for taking the time to attend this portion of the
meeting and for presenting some ideas. His ideas, along with the input
received in the last few weeks, came together in what we consider to be a
good solution to protect the beauty of Dos Ojos, keeping in mind the volume
of divers this cavern sees. We believe the new layout of the cavern lines
will also help with the flow of multiple groups diving at the same time from
multiple entrances. A special bulletin will be issued with the exact date of
the change. We are planning on having a small laminated map at the entrance
to Dos Ojos so all cavern guides can take a look at it. We will also try to
get an electronic version so anyone interested in having his or her own map
can ask us and we'll send an email with the attachment.
We would like to thank the Ejido Jacinto Pat, Luis Leal and Ruben Novelo for
their support and help with the suggestions and support.

3. Repair to permanent cave line in Sistema Ponderosa
The permanent cave line running from Cenote Cristalino to Cenote Kantun Chi
in Sistema Ponderosa was in a poor state of repair and several breaks in the
line had recently been reported to the QRSOC and repaired. This line has now
been replaced completely with a new line. In addition several line arrows on
this line were damaged and have also been replaced with new ones. There has
been no change in line routing or directional references. The QRSOC would
like to thank Dai Jones for undertaking this task on our behalf.

4. Changes in line and arrows in Sac Actun / Kalimba
In our last newsletter we announced the changes in the line arrows and line
markers for the Sistema Sac Actun cave would take place on January 11. The
changes were done as scheduled. The landowners of both Kalimba and Gran
Cenote were informed of the changes. The landowner at Gran Cenote, Mr.
Portilla, facilitated copies of the announcement to divers visiting Gran
Cenote for a few days after the change took place. We appreciate his
support. Gianmario Rocca & Luca Magheli helped with the changes and we thank
them for this.
During the January 11 dive the arrows were switched to point back to the
Paso del Lagarto line and the divers traveled to approximately 60 meters
(200 ft) from the Kalimba cenote. The visibility was good up to that point
where a lot of sediment was encountered. Up to this point no recent damage
was observed due to the heavy machinery working at the cenote. We will keep
you informed of any updates.

5. Paso del Lagarto Jump in Sac Actun
The QRSOC has received several suggestions to bring the beginning of the
line at Paso del Lagarto closer to the Gran Cenote-Hotul Line. As many are
aware this jump is around 80 ft. (25 mts) long. We would like to hear from
the community about any thoughts you might have on this issue.

6. QRSOC Donations

The Quintana Roo Safety Officers Committee is a voluntary organization and
the individual Safety Officers donate their time freely.
The QRSOC has no commercial association with any other organization and
receives no funding from anyone allowing the committee to remain completely
independent. The QRSOC wishes to maintain this independent status however
we are starting to incur more costs that to date the individual safety
officers have been paying themselves.
These costs are going to increase in the future as we move forward with new
projects such as the QRSOC Website. The website is being worked on now and
will facilitate better communication between the QRSOC and the local cave
diving community and help us keep everyone informed about local safety and
conservation issues in the caves of Quintana Roo.
The QRSOC intends to purchase more line and line arrows to replace existing
worn or damaged lines and permanent markers as well as construct more
surface and underwater signs.

If the community would like to support these efforts donations can be made
to the QRSOC at the following locations:

Protec in Playa Del Carmen
Zero Gravity on Highway 307 in Xpu-Ha
Xibalba Dive Center in Tulum

We thank you for your support and welcome your comments,

Quintana Roo Safety Officers Committee