Hi Guys

Just a few lines to intro, have to say I actually spend a fair time on YD (which has a RB section)

I've been diving since August 05, PADI rescue diver and a few specs and I graduated to a Dolphin last February, though I didn't start diving it as my primary rig until August.

Currently off diving for a few weeks courtesy of some drink driver wrecking my car...and giving me whiplash. Still, on the bright side, the compensation may well be sufficient to buy a shiny new Inspo. Or does anyone else think I should consider converting the Dolphin to CCR? Obviously there is plenty to recommend that route and it might be cheaper, plus I don't plan to dive below 50M in any event.

I would also seriously consider investing a few quid in doing an Inspo course just to get the comparison.

What says you?