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Thread: Action Regarding Transparency Issues of the NSS-CDS

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    Action Regarding Transparency Issues of the NSS-CDS

    I am posting the resolutions that will be on the agenda of the January 13th NSS-CDS Board Meeting. If you agree, disagree, or have comments on them, please feel free to let me know, and the BOD's know as well.

    I'd also like to explain, that in a resolution, the 'Whereas' portion is thrown out after the vote. Even if the resolution is approved, the "Whereas' portion is all argument, and isn't 'adopted' - only the 'resolved' portion is adopted.


    Title: Action Regarding Transparency Issues of the NSS-CDS

    Introduced by: David G. Schott, MBA

    Whereas, The National Speleological Society Cave Diving Section (NSS-CDS) is a membership organization; and

    Whereas, The purpose of the organization shall be the same as that of the National Speleological Society (NSS), and to organize NSS-CDS members who are interested in cave diving so that they may better promote the objectives of the NSS-CDS with objectives that include 1) promotion of the conservation, exploration, and study of underwater caves; and 2) education for increased awareness, safety, and skill in cave diving; and

    Whereas, The NSS-CDS Board of Directors has suppressed the training standards and procedures (S&Pís) from the membership; and

    Whereas, The NSS-CDS should, as the leading cave diving organization uphold and keep the highest and best standards in the industry; and

    Whereas, The disclosure of the NSS-CDS S&Pís to the public will not subject organization to any additional liability exposure in that the NSS CDS S&P's would be discoverable in litigation comencced against the organization; and

    Whereas, The NSS-CDS S&Pís should be considered the Ďstandardí of cave diving education throughout the dive industry; and

    Whereas, The publicity of the CD S&Pís would hold other agencies to the same standards; and

    Whereas, The membership of the NSS-CDS has not been included within the process nor asked for input on the NSS-CDS S&Pís; therefore be it

    RESOLVED, That the Board of Directors and ancillary committees provide full transparency of the standards and procedures for all courses, Training Committee minutes, and all other business of the NSS-CDS within their website, located at www.nsscds.com.
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