Hello everyone.

I learned to dive with the Loughborough Uni Club back in 1989 so a lot of my training was done at Stoney Cove (including my first OW experience). Now I live in the south east and nearly all of my diving is on wrecks along the south coast; Dover, Littlehampton, Weymouth, Plymouth. I'm not part of any club and tend to tag along where spaces and time permits. Typically I seem to do about 30 - 50 dives per year (time seems to be the limiting factor).

My first Inspiration "try dive" was in 1998 (Stoney again!); I bought my own unit in 1999 and have been very happy with it, to the point that I've only used open circuit on 3 UK (novice training) dives since. Learned open circuit trimix in 1996; a lot of my diving now seems to be in the ~70m range, but I certainly do enjoy the 30m stuff (or at least the lack of deco).

Bye for now, speak to you all again soon no doubt!