Dear all,

I am sure you will have seen the new button on the menu called destinations and the random destination that is now being shown on the front page!

I am delighted to announce that we now have working and officially launched our online database of rebreather friendly destinations!!

We even have a sexy URL for it thats if you want to tell anyone about it!

The system lets you dynamically search for a destination based on your requirments...

Want to see whats RB friendly in the Carribbean - no problem, how about you dont care where you go in the world but it must involved wreck diving and have helium and a booster - then search on that!

Go have a play guys...

The one thing I would ask is that if you know of any rebreather friendly destinations you enter them so the rest of us can benefit from your knowledge!

Thanks and good diving!


PS please let me know what you think!