Heya's all.

I've been looking after the "Rebreather Friendly Destinations" part of the website for a while, and its come to my attention, that quite a few of the destinations are listed under the wrong "owner".

Anyone can add a destination, and they then instantly become the "owner" of that destination.

eg, Jim goes for a dive trip to xyz really cool funky spot, loves the service, they look after him, have all the sorb, O2 and He his heart could desire, so when Jim gets back home, he adds the destination, with a great review, and all is great. 6 months down the track, Jim has forgotten about the listing, they've added some great new features, upgraded their website etc, and want to update their details. But Jim is still the "owner", and the only person who can edit the destination. For whatever reason, Jim is uncontactable, and that's the end of it, you're destination is set to remain outdated forever. Right?

Nope. If anyone has any hassles with their destination, ownership of the destination, location on the RBW World Map, etc, just drop me a PM, and we'll try and sort it out.

Obviously, I'm not gonna just go and make you to the owner unless you can prove to me that you are, but drop me a PM, and we can work it out.

Also while I'm here, for all the current destination owners, have a look at your listing, have you updated it recently? Are all the details current? What time better than now to go back and check it... It's a great resource that we have here, with the ultimate in targetted audience! I'd hate to see it go to waste! :)

Good luck guys!!!

Cheers, CD