For the record, I have to absolutely disagree. Anyone who thinks they need the same bail out and deco gas for a failure several kilometers into a cave at say -80m as they would for an open water dive to -80m will not survive a faulure in the cave.
Hi John,

I think most people who are diving mix are thinking in terms of "time to surface". The same mindset applies underground as in open water. I think most people who dive trimix have the sense to work out their gas volumes on how long the swim to the surface is.

CCR gas management in caves is more complex than O/C there is no question of this, on O/C you [normally] turn at 3rds or before, it's easy. on CCR you either make a judgement call and "estimate" how much gas you [ or your team ] need to get out using your O/C experience, or do what many CCR cave divers seem to do and carry enough O/C gas to achieve the entire dive on O/C, but breathe the rebreather.
Knowing where to turn is definitely harder on CCR than on OC. I plan my dives around what bailout I have available and that tends to be fairly conservative as I generally round my depths deeper and my RMV higher. I generally turn either on elapsed time based on my bailout's endurance or 1/3 of dil gone, whichever is soonest.

Question: if you don't have O/C experience in a cave, how do you know how much O/C gas you need to bail out?
I agree. Like I said originally, when you go to bailout then you become an OC cave diver.