Deloye (DJ) B Meacham Jr, CCR Instructor at HSC

I grew up in a scuba diving family from my motherís side despite living in the
Arizona and Nevada Desert. We spent a lot of time in the water off northern Cali and the Sea of Cortez. I joined the Army in January 1992 and I will retire after
serving for 27 years in February 2019. I am a disabled combat veteran with spinal injuries but donít let that fool you, underwater you would never know. We

I have been an instructor associated with Island Divers, Hawaii Scuba University (HSU), and Honolulu Scuba Company since January 2015. At HSU I was a senior OC instructor and was the Hollis Prism 2 course manager at Hawaii Scuba University. I am a PADI Master Instructor, PRISM 2 TEC 100 instructor, and finishing up my hours to teach the Inspiration CCR to TEC 100. I am a passionate TEC diver in all forms and hold multiple TEC certifications from GUE, TDI and PADI TEC/REC. In addition, I am a certified service technician on the Prism 2 and Inspiration CCRís and with Scuba Pro, Hollis, Oceanic, and Aqualung.

In my off time I enjoy wrecks, deep exploration diving and mapping the seafloor outside of Kewalo Harbor and the walls off Oahu. I mostly enjoy diving the Pacific, but Mexico, Florida and the Caribbean have some great areas too. My favorite dive by far remains the USS Oriskany aircraft carrier near Pensacola, FL. In the future
I want to complete my 100ton Captainís license and learn Hyperbaric chamber operations.01E24586-DB71-4B5F-BC5B-B1725F2DAC39.jpg