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Thread: Sports KISS unit for sale...VERY CHEAP...!

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    Sports KISS unit for sale...VERY CHEAP...!

    I am selling a Sports KISS rebreather unit as-is for a very low price to someone experienced with rebreathers. The unit has been stored in garage for eight years and is sold with no warranty or promises.

    This unit was one of the very first units sold by Gordon Smith, who was a very close friend of mine. I dived it for several years, together with an APD Evolution unit. Eight years ago I had the opportunity to work in China and so I put both units into storage in my garage, intending to come back to them in 12 months. One year in China turned into two years and then three years. I then moved to the Philippines for one year and retired. It's now five years and counting. I can see no possibility of going back to diving the Sports KISS and have decided to sell it. However it has been stored for eight years in garage. It needs stripping down, servicing, replacing O-rings etc to put it back into full working condition. It was working 100% when I last used it. However it is now up to the buyer to ensure full working functionality before diving with it.

    Here are the details:

    The unit has a stainless steel rather than aluminium case. Its heavier but much more rugged and durable. Of course less weight on your weight belt. The original case has a custom-built lifting handle, which also serves to protect the top of the unit from accidental bumps. The handle will fold down to allow access to the scrubber.

    The original units used tiny K1D oxygen cells, which had a usable lifetime of 6-12 months. The original cell holder has been replaced with an after-market alternative which holds the same AP-16 oxygen cells (coaxial) used by the Evolution. These have a much longer usable lifetime of 12-24 months for the same price. It also makes sense have the same cells for both units.

    The original unit had three independent millivolt meter displays to show the oxygen partial pressure. These had a built-in simplicity and redundancy but were prone to leakage and expensive to replace. This unit has an aftermarket Subsea Sensors display, which indicates all three oxygen partial pressure on the same handset. Interestingly, there is no non-off switch. The handset turns on automatically with an elevated level of oxygen. It turns off when the oxygen level comes back to 21%. Remember to flush the unit with diluent after diving or you would drain the battery eventually. The Subsea Sensors handset has the following features:

    - a head-up display giving a red warning led if the oxygen levels are not all the same. Otherwise a green LED is displayed.
    - the signal from the three oxygen cells is also fed to a cable with a Fisher connector. This allows a Shearwater Predator computer to be connected to the unit giving full mix gas decompression capabilities. It also provides an independent redundancy if the Subsea Sensors display should fail. The Fisher connector could also be connected to the newer Pretel or Perdix Shearwater computers. Please note that the Predator computer is NOT part of the deal.
    - the unit has a bailout valve, a Aqualung Micron.
    - there is a simple one button push to calibrate the 3 oxygen cells. Simply flush the unit with oxygen and press the button to calibrate. Much easier then calibrating each oxygen display manually with a screwdriver on the original KISS handset… This is where a leak can occur.

    The unit has 2 two-litre aluminium cylinders as shown. In addition 2 spare cylinders come with the deal. Of course after eight years, all the cylinders must be put back into test. They are aluminium. I'm reasonably confident that they will all pass testing.

    Also with the deal are five packs of Sofnolime. This is well passed the manufacturers used-by date. However I have no knowledge of Sofnolime deteriorating with time. It should be all okay to use.

    So… there it is. I am now back in the Philippines I will not be returning to the UK until July 2019. I have left the unit with an experienced diving friend of mine, who is not a rebreather diver. He will sell the unit on my behalf. It is being held in Liverpool, UK. I have no capability to organise shipping elsewhere. The buyer must come and inspect/ collect it.

    I have seen similar units selling for between US$2000-US$3000. Due to the circumstances for selling this unit, I'm asking just £500(US$650). No offers please. It's a steal at that price but the buyer must be confident of putting it back into life support service. Please send me a PM for more information or if you want to see it/buy.
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    Re: Sports KISS unit for sale...VERY CHEAP...!

    Hi Steve,

    I'm interested. Your asking price is fair. Would you be willing to ship to Canada if someone paid the shipping and used Paypal to pay. Please let me know. PS, Wouldn't need to ship me the sofnolime, I have lot's here.



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