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Thread: Jetsam (KISS) Electric booster pump for sale...CHEAP !!

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    Jetsam (KISS) Electric booster pump for sale...CHEAP !!

    Okay…I explained why I've left my Sport KISS unit neglected in my garage for the past eight years and it's now up for sale… In another post. I've also got one of the very few Jetsam (KISS) electric booster pumps that Gordon ever made up for sale. Just like the rebreather unit, I'm selling it as it is with no guarantees of 100% functionality. However I'm pretty sure that it works.

    Gordon Smith designed the gas powered baby-booster pump and marketed it. I think it's still available now from KISS.
    Very few people know that he also made a twin cylinder electric version of the same booster pump. I bought #2 from him. Here are some details:

    It's a 2-cylinder pump. If you compare the cylinder and cylinder head with that of the KISS baby-booster pump you can see that they are the same. It's not a two-stage pump. It is simply two identical cylinders working back to back on the same crankshaft to equalise/balance the load. As a result, the spares for the commercially available air-powered baby-booster pump will fit the electric powered pump. The ones that would really matter are the piston seal and the cylinder head flap valves. These are both identical.

    It has a MASSIVE 240 V electric engine and it's heavy to lift for one person. For two people it's easy. As a garage installed unit powered by mains electricity, it's much easier to use than the air powered pump. I used to have one of those as well but I sold it. Incidentally, when the booster pump first came from Canada it was set up to run on 110/120 V. If someone wanted to use it in Canada or the USA then it can be switched back to the lower voltage

    Because it's been sitting in the garage for eight years, some of the paint on the framework is peeling off. However, I was in the garage last week and I turned it on. It seemed to be working just fine. But I did not have the time to connect it all up to oxygen or helium and check that it was indeed boosting as per design-manufacture. I will not be back in Liverpool until July 2019. The pump is being sold as it is and the buyer must cope with any snags. Having said this… I'm not expecting any. It was working just fine the last time I used it. I have no reason to think that it won't be working just the same now.

    From memory I think that a boost ratio of 5:1 is easily achievable. It will go higher but there's not much point. Forcing it to a higher ratio with O2 is much more likely to start an oxygen fire. Not worth the risk…! Forcing it to a higher ratio with helium… It gets very hot. I don't think it's good for the pump and again not worth the risk. But 5:1 is a very useful ratio. You can boost a supply cylinder pressure as low as 50 bar up to 240 bar. I regularly used to pump my cylinders of oxygen up to 200 bar (or even higher !) without any issues.

    Again from memory… it would fill a 2 L or a 3 L cylinder from a 100 bar supply in about 10 minutes. This means it is very useful for rebreather cylinders. It is absolutely NO USE if you want to use it to fill large open circuit cylinders. It's much too slow and you're wasting your time. If you want to do this then buy a Haskell. This is a booster pump for rebreathers only.

    I'm selling it with all the hoses, adapters , control valve and pressure gauge… Ready to use, just as shown in the pictures. I'm also throwing in the two large J-cylinders of helium and oxygen. I think they're both full or nearly full… but again no promises. The labels I left on the cylinders say that the helium is 225 bar and the oxygen is 160 bar. Its 8 years since I looked at this gear. Some gas could have leaked out… But it's unlikely.

    The cylinders are not registered any UK gas supplier. Of course after eight years they are both out of test. To get them exchanged/refilled you'll need to negotiate with a friendly gas user/supplier who has a gas account. On the plus side… No monthly rental charges. Worst case scenario is that you can use the gas in them and dispose of them. I'm not charging anything for these two cylinders. I'm just throwing them in with the booster pump for free.

    Okay… here is the final good news and bad news.
    Good news: I'm selling this booster pump and all the other components as described for just £500 (US$650). No offers please… It's a steal at that price.
    Bad news: it's in Liverpool, UK. I am back in the Philippines and will not be returning to the UK now until July 2019. An experienced diving friend of mine will sell it on my behalf. He's not a technical diver and doesn't know anything about booster pumps… So don't ask him any technical questions… Ask me.
    I have no capability for arranging delivery from here in Philippines. You have to go and get it yourself from Liverpool. That's it.
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