This relates to the DiveCAN NERD2 on a JJ-CCR but there is nothing unit-specific about my comments.

After a week or so of using it I can sadly reveal that I'm not particularly impressed.

The effective display is a lot smaller than that on the NERD1 (I think they say it's the equivalent of a 25" screen at 12' whereas the old one was like a 32" screen at the same distance. This has the slight 'advantage' that one doesn't need to direct it quite so precisely in order to see the whole display, but that's probably me just justifying the expense to myself.

I have no need of AI so I'm struggling to see what I'm gaining. I do like getting rid of the battery box but I've only got through 3 or 4 SAFTs in 2½ years of using the NERD1 (maybe 250 dives)

All in all, I'm regretting upgrading and am seriously considering offloading the NERD2 and reverting to the old one, which I've still got for sale.