Hammerhead "Classic". Revision "C" with new yellow OLED displays and 18650 battery
cells. Decompression procedures are available only with the master handset. On the
secondary one this functionality can be activated by the manufacturer for additional
charges (not included).

I offer a complete set including a Halcyon allu backplate with harness and DUX sidemount
backpad for bailout tanks.

Condition: like new (very good).

My set includes (but not limited with):

. Counterlungs OTSCL (front mounted);
. Heavy canister (9.5 kg - including MetalSub brackets and manifolds) with a lid;
. Scrubber of standard size with minimal traces of use;
. Optional stub for an LP port of BOV;
. Optional stub for ADV;
. Complete set of spare O-rings;
. Wing: DUX Genes 20 lbs, CCR edition (made in Czech Republic);
. Unused tanks Vitkovice Cylinders (made in Czech Republic, 3l, steel) with original
MetalSub clamping;
. 3 working O2-sensors (all provide 48 mv on 100% Oxygen, and 10 mv on the air);
. 2 spare OLED displays for handsets;
. Spare connectors for O2-sensors with co-axial and molex plugs;
. Weight pockets Tres Pesidentes (can be mounted on the backplate);
. Manual pages for the electronic (English).

Price: 4990 USD
Location: Munich, Germany.
Pictures: by request.

. New handsets were tested on 130 meters depth.
. Being in a dry suite with a 4th-element's base, I need only 2 kg of weights (1+1 in
counterlung's pockets) due to the heavy canister.
. The single reason for sale: it is not too mobile. E.g. Full diving equipment for the set of
4 bailout tanks (excluding the tanks) weights 45 kg, while I use to travel a lot;
. Pickup from Munich. I'll provide checks including positive and negative tests of
the head and breathing circuit.