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Thread: CCR support (or rather lack of it) at Atlantis resorts / liveaboard Philippines

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    CCR support (or rather lack of it) at Atlantis resorts / liveaboard Philippines


    About 20 of us just got back from 2 weeks of diving Puerto Galera and Dumaguette at Atlantis resorts. We booked through our LDS about 9 months ago -Atlantis website and our LDS (which the three of us wanting to dive CCR on this trip work at) verified CCR support. We began emailing to confirm because I've learned not to trust web sites and they confirmed they would support. We put our deposits down. Then the 9 month "slow no" began as we worked through details of support and if we'd have to bring tanks, sorb, etc. They claim they have 40's for bailout, they don't. They claim they have ability to provide pure O2, they don't. They would have to borrow 3L tanks from another shop which we wouldn't have needed since we were gonna bring our Carbon Fiber tanks. They did confirm they could source sorb at each location but we would have brought a tub on our own. Two weeks before takeoff we got final confirm they would not support us so we'd have to dive open circuit.

    Far too late to back out but on the bright side they did give us each a room upgrade and comped a massage for each of us as well ($35 value). So we had that going for us, which is nice.

    If anyone is considering - don't. The don't have the ability to supply pure O2 at Dumaguete and they don't have the gear to support you at PG. Otherwise great resorts but this trip reminded me how much I don't like OC...

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