I need to be careful here, as this may escalate to the next obvious step.
So in Nov. 2017, my bride & I flew to the Hawaiian islands for the primary purpose of me getting IANTD Advanced Nitrox and CCR Diver certified. Let’s just call my instructor Richard to protect the guilty ! Need a last name, well ok let’s pick Cranium =
Richard Cranium, I like that name and really, it fits well !
On Nov. 17, 2017 I had successfully completed these courses, and my instructor Richard told me that I had “earned my certifications” ! That same day we completed the required certification request forms, signed all copies, we squared up on bal. owed, they were tipped fairly, we shook hands like sincere adult men and did the “man hug” thing, all was good!
So the following is for your reading enjoyment, and is the God’s honest truth too !
But let me admit here in front of my fellow divers that stupid me, commited TWO GRAVE MISTAKES THAT COST ME DEARLY!
GRAVE MISTAKE # 1 : I had called Poseidon USA and asked “how many electric solenoid valves are inside the Se7en’s E-module? Apparently the words “how many” is what triggered the following chain of events?
GRAVE MISTAKE # 2 : A new TEC Se7en is not inexpensive. I apparently didn’t do my homework enough, LOL !
So I twice said yes then no, writing checks both times then canceling. The $ was coming out of our savings and we are retired. But I did finally commit and my instructor ordered my new TEC Se7en.
From this moment forward, my instructor (bless his empty heart), broke all ties. He would not return phone calls, texts or emails ! Thankfully the other business partner is a honest and sincere person, so he had to play message runner, between me and Richard. My continued question was “ where are my certifications”?
Finally through my message runner, I was informed that my certification status had changed ? Yes ladies and gentlemen, I was informed that My instructor Richard Cranium had “down graded” my IANTD Adv. Nitrox & CCR Diver certs. to “ NO CERTIFICATIONS “!!
I’m told that due to my GRAVE MISTAKES # 1 & 2 (see above), my instructor has said that “ I went SQUIRRELLY on him and that I’m now all of a sudden not ready to be certified!
Well not a real big deal, we only have two RT airfares, three weeks condo rent (glad we had 3- weeks there, the rental MK6s were poorly maintained and we had a few issues), food, courses costs, tips oh and a $13K ECCR, no biggie really ? So look 👀 out for a squirrelly non-certified Se7en diver folks! I did however get my Se7en, one sweeet machine !
I’ve contacted IANTD over this matter. My one possible saving grace here, is that the other part owner that I mentioned above, is a honest person, was present or involved most of the time, he witnessed the paperwork and is a IANTD OW instructor ! So call him IANTD, please.
Fellow CCR Divers, please let your advice flow.
Craig Haymaker PADI. MSDT - 13725