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Thread: Terrible Expieriance - Revo Rebreather Newbie In Melbourne

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    Recently I was certified on a Revo Rebreather in Melbourne, Australia.

    The entire course was less then satisfactory with some equipment safety concerns.

    There is only one boat company in Melbourne - redboats. he is the most rude person I have ever met….

    Hi Luke I just want to let you know I'm still upset the way you spoke to me last week. Been told your the worst diver you have ever seen.. further more your crew seemed more concerned about been 10 min late then diver safety ... I've spoken to dive clubs about this and they said I did nothing wrong. I think you owe me an apology. I've been diving around the world .. never been spoken to like that If I wrote review on forum I think you would see accusing people of trying to dive without license and been 10 minutes late and then told "bullshit" my dive time not 60 minute.

    Your crew didn't even check or ask why I was 10 min late Just "we were about to call emergency services "

    Redboats Reply:
    10/06/2017 8:54pm

    G'day Adrian. I am disappointed to read your message above as I spoke to the crew of the trip after I spoke to you and said you had taken the conversation rather well. I told them that you had underwood the issues at hand. I see I was completely wrong. You did not understand a thing I said. Jackson didn't need to ask why you were late and I'm glad he didn't based on the embarrassing answer you gave me during our conversation. He has been doing this job exactly one week longer than I have and he knows what a disorganised diver looks like. I am sorry you are more concerned about the "way I spoke to you" than you are about your own safety. I spoke to you with respect and I spoke to you calmly. As for your threat of a bad review, I'm more concerned about your attitude to your diving than I am about you leaving a bad review. I tell you what. Why don't we put all of the dealings we have had together such as the packing of the sorb on your rebreather on the boat on the way to the dive site, trying to book on a dive with your Revo before you were certified, the lack of implementation of a lost buddy procedure and the over staying of your run time altogether and put it to a forum to see what they think. I won't name names. Then we can see what people think and you can see honest feedback. Any other dive charter operator would have banned you.

    Who are the dive clubs that say you did nothing wrong?

    I'll ask for their permission to pass

    Dunno why u think diving without a certificate. Both Priya and I discussed this.. I never rocked up with my rebreather uncertifired. You told me to pack the sort on the boat!

    Seriously? If you don't name the clubs I will take this issue public. I am not having our name sullied.

    You have 10 minutes toname the clubs before I take this public to protect our reputation.

    I told them both I will be writing a review, I waited 3 months, summer feels ruined, 15k down - thanks guys. Also I imagine redboats has posted this elsewhere as they said they would in 10 minutes... that was a couple months back. Here is my version - I have all facebook conversations, pics of failed tanks etc..

    - Original Certificate Date Delayed, Instructor had multuple students, no time to focu on me and told me he would not certify me on that dive.
    - Called Boat Company 1 month later in Melbourne to ask if they support Rebreather Diving
    - Called Instructor to see if I can go for boat dive, left voice message
    - Boat Company also called instructor also
    - Boat Company said I am trying to dive uncertified.
    * I had no intentions of diving without instructor approval for what its worth.

    - Boat Company said you are not getting on my boat with those tanks* (carbon fiber)
    - Purchased new tanks from instructor
    - Brand new Oxygen tank failed in my small car. I was driving and filled car with compressed Gas @ 200bar … I am still here.
    - Next week got new replacement tank
    - Organized dive with same boat company, dive time was approximately 45 minutes they said, I came up after 1 hour.
    *Reason for 10 minutes late was I had just purchased a new second hand SMB from a scuba shop and the clip was stuck…took me few extra minutes to unclip. I appologized on the boat to everyone and explained new/second hand SMB. Noone seemed to care, no other divers waited for me either, they were on OC.
    - Received abusive late night phone call from boat owner saying I am the most **** diver he has ever seen… “you and one other bloke from the UK”

    Basically I feel like I have been totally ripped off here in Melbourne, left right… center.

    I have extensive facebook conversations with this fool – everything recorded in detail.

    I have held onto this for a few months, but people need to be aware there are a few shady operators in Melbourne with double standards. I have confirmed with my OW instructor - he told me I did the correct procedure - surfacing with a rebreather without SMB the boat could go over the top of you.

    I also confirmed with 1 other dive club... so if anyone else wants to add their 2 cents please do.

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