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Thread: Reviews of Fourth Element Argonaut Drysuits?

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    Reviews of Fourth Element Argonaut Drysuits?

    Anyone have any experience with Fourth Elements line of Argonaut 2.0 drysuits?

    I'm particularly interested in their new Biomap process and it would be nice to get a suit that fits perfectly, anyone have experiences with the process?

    Any comments on the materials between the Flex and the Stealth?

    Comparisons to the Santi E.lite?

    Aside from that welcome any other comments you may have, thanks

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    Re: Reviews of Fourth Element Argonaut Drysuits?


    I have the Argonaut 2.0 drysuit and I do enjoy it. It is light weight and I have had no issue with the suit. I would recommend not going with the Si-Tech oval glove system. I have had nothing but issue with them and would need to send the suit back to change them out. You might take a look at the KUBI glove system. I have a few friends that dive those and they love them. With that said, there is one thing that you might consider is that if you need need repair done, you need to send the suit back to Fourth Element. I'm in the US and for me that a issue. The Bio fit seems to work well. My suit fits me well and I have not complains regarding the fit. But I'm also a "standard issue" person 5'9 185 lb. and most thing fit me anyway. I dive just about every weekend and had the suit for about 2years now. I have notice some wear on the inside of the suit that might be an issue later on. I just patch them over with some aqua seal and I hope that will help with the wear.

    As for Santi, I heard nothing but good things about their suits. I think if I was in the market for a suit, Santi would be one of my top choices. I have not dove one so I really have not experiences to provide any solid comments . I just know that my local dive shop here Pacific NW and in Vancouver BC prefer Santi. The are thinker then the Fourth Element suit.

    This goes into the diving you are doing. If I was going to be in a water temps of 60F-70F or traveling then the Fourth Element might be a good choice since it's light weight. If you're going to be diving in the cold waters like the NW "god awful cold"-52F then the Santi might be a good choice since it is a little thinker.

    Hope this helps.

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