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Something like that anyways...
right :)

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There is a (relatively) large surface area for this diffusion to happen between the tissue types.
also true, but quite irrelevant in regards to the statement of "there should never be an ICD DCS"
Main point where the comparison of ECho completely lacked is

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happens because higher pressure ....at the same time as higher pressure N2 enters ...
While there is no pressure differential in the two tanks connected by whip anymore, there actually is (sometimes quite large) pressure differential in regards to the partial pressures of those inert gases and the various tissues..
Just because it is called isobaric does not mean pressures are all equal like in the two connected tanks, so all arguments towards mixing or no mixing of the two tanks have no correlation whatsoever to what is happening in ICD..

Foremore (just to be a smart ass ;)) in fact the tanks likely will not have isobaric conditions at all.. the ambient pressure due to climate will constantly change around them.. again having zero effect as to what is happing in regards to gas mixing IN the tanks..
Well actually that would be wrong as well. given it is two different tanks there is a likelihood that they will have different materials or at least have different age, maybe different manufacturer, thus different material thicknesses etc. which all could lead to the fact that any change of the ambient conditions might translate slower in one tank than in the other and thus induce a slight pressure differential inside the tanks which will be equalized by the whip BUT with gas molecules actually moving through the whip and hence facilitate the mixing..
Bottomline it will be all marginal though ;)

Cheers.. enough assing here..