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Thread: Hollis Prism2 Rebreather 4 Sale

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    Hollis Prism2 Rebreather 4 Sale

    I am selling my Prism2 rebreather. My husband and I purchased two brand new Prisms in late 2015 and mine has <20 dives on it. There is nothing wrong, I just don't use it...my diving is mostly overseas travel and local spearfishing. I cant use it for spearfishing, I don't want to travel overseas with it, and I also enjoy technical diving and I am just not comfortable to be on a rebreather at greater depths (>130' that I am certified to). Its crazy to own this and not use it so I hope someone who is more in to rebreather diving than I am can get use out of this unit. My husband is planning on keeping his. This unit has been serviced annually since my husband is a Hollis Certified Technician on this unit. It has been meticulously cared for, cleaned/disinfected after each use, and always stored safely on its own stand in doors.


    All original equipment shipped with the standard unit: Hollis backplate and harness--brand new (I used my personal Halcyon short backplate because I am only 5'4''), Hollis (Shearwater) integrated computer, heads up display, Hollis protective cover, Hollis wing

    Additional items I purchased after the standard unit:

    Hollis BOV (does not come with standard unit)
    Halcyon Argon/dry suit bottle strap (for use with dry suit so you don't have to use your Dil for dry suit)
    2 black 23L rebreather tanks Diluent & Oxygen (labeled)
    3 O2 sensors (this unit has not been used for approx 1 year so will need new O2 sensors as they do have a shelf life)
    I also have a stand that works well for storage that I purchased at Home Depot

    Standard unit NEW sells for $8999 without tanks, O2 Sensors, BOV, and extras. I have over $10,000 in this unit.

    Asking $6500 OBO, SHIPPING NOT INCLUDED. I also have 4 additional Dil 23L bottles, and 2 additional O2 23L bottles for sale separately... if interested in having extra tanks we can work something out.

    Buyer is responsible for seeking proper training before use. You must be a certified rebreather diver by any agency/instructor that teaches this model unit. There are many Hollis Prism2 instructors out there. I know a few I can recommend if they are in your local area.
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