When you look at your old rebreather, what do you see?

Are you still in love? Or, have your eyes begun to wander?

We feel you!

Here is a way to maximize the investment you have already made in your rebreather: Put a brand new one on your back. And, it will be easy!

We will handle everything: from sending you a box for your old rebreather, to getting you what you need on your new one. Not only that, but we will sell your old unit as part of the Add Helium Consignment Program. You already know that Add Helium is the only full-time rebreather center in the world. And this is where the world goes to buy rebreathers!

One-third of our consignment rebreathers sold in two weeks or less!
Half of our consignment rebreathers sold in one month or less!

So follow our five easy steps to turn old into new:
  1. Call or email us with your new rebreather choice
  2. Pack up your old one in the box we will send you. Then ship it back to us for consignment sale
  3. Unpack your new rebreather
  4. $$$ Collect your money when your old one sells $$$
We lied…it is only four steps!

Contact us today...You can still dive your new rebreather before the good weather slips away!

Special offer! Our promotion last yearwas so successful we are going to do it again..list your rebreather with us and get half off the regular rate