I'm looking to get into the rebreather world and have the hard questions to answer. Which unit do I select? I have narrow the field down to two rebreather units, the SF2 and rEvo. I would like to ask the community their thoughts (constructive please) on the both units.

I do realize that both units are very good and will do their jobs is you take care of them and dive correctly. What I'm looking for in the discussion is the finer details and longer term considerations.

Below is some more details of my diving reason and my wants in a rebreather

Reason for Rebreather:
1. Underwater photography
2. Able to get to most site and wrecks (depth/time)
3. Less weight compare to doubles tanks
4. Gas cost

What I want in a Rebreather:
1. Redundancy in critical system. Since I plan on doing underwater photography, I do plan on getting the NERD. I have learned that is easy to get lost in the photography moment and lose focus on stats.
2. Easy of use (setup and teardown)
3. Able to fix or replace simple parts myself
4. Able to travel with the unit
5. I'm entering into tech and need to decide on which direction to go (doubles or side mount) and the rebreather appear to be the better option.
6. Quality beginner unit that wouldn't break the budget. I don't want to be cheep about life support system that I really need underwater, but I don't need the top end new shinny thing too. So good quality used system would work fine.
7. A unit that I can really learn how to dive correctly. What I'm referring too, is that if something in the electronic or automatic systems craps out, I want to be able to get my butt back to the truck. I'll take bailout, but really don't want to rely on that option.