Hi folks,

My rEvo has returned from its 5-years service, with a new small issue... which has turned into a big pain in the... back.
My unit is a micro so it comes with this sliding plastic plage which you pull down while diving so that the weight of the unit doesn't reside on your lower back, but on your butt.
It's a great system which allowed me some 3hours long dive without back pain at all.
Problem now is that my plastic plate won't stay in position during dive: it tends tol slide up a bit, which lets the Pain on lower back again and defeats its purpose.
Also when carrying the unit out of the water the plate will slide down on its own, meaning i have to pull it up whenever laying the unit somewhere...
The root cause really is that there is too little friction between the plate and the rest of the unit, but i don't know what changed during the service. Probably slight differences due to unit disassembly/reassembly, but i can't nail it.
I've compared my unit with my wife's (same model) which is also back from maintenance but doesn't have any problem with plastic plate, but i can't find anything that cause more friction on hers.

So question to the community: have you experienced the same problem as mine and/or how to workaround it