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Thread: Orient Blue Ray II

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    Orient Blue Ray II

    Hey everyone, I am looking to get my husband and Orient Blue Ray II diving watch, or another high end diving watch. He has been using Suunto D4 that he quite likes the functionality of it but would like something that has a nicer look to it as he love to wear watches out and the Suunto does not really go well with his wardrobe. If anyone has one for a decent price let me know, I would love to get him this for his birthday :)

    Thanks to the member who sent me the link to https://www.for-sale.ie/dive-watch in my PM where someone was selling a Blue Ray II for under $500. I rushed over to meet the seller and found the diving watch had no scratches on it at all and almost looked as it had never been used. I went to have it shined at a jeweler and they took a deeper look at it and the watch it in perfect condition on the inside as well. My husband is going to love this present, and I am so excited to give it to him. Thanks everyone :)
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