Aloha gang,
I'm posting this for Manjula of My Dive Line. This product development came to light first on SB back in January. If you enter "Creating a dive computer with Location and Communications" on the search tool it will pop up.

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Indiegogo campaign:

It's basically a dive computer sized navigation unit with communications capabilities via programmable text messages. They also have a top side unit for boats. There has been a lot of vaporware over the years trying to bring this concept to market and I applaud them for getting it this far even though they suffered a very poor Indiegogo campaign. I think their current success in nearing a functioning prototype is that they have been in the underwater wireless communication business for 15 years. Likely a ~$1,500 product it may not find much popularity among the recreational dive community but I see great potential for rebreather divers, guys exploring untouched grounds over long distances on DPV's, and the likes of scientific divers such as the AAUS. I'm rarely with a buddy but having some level of top side communication without blowing a bag or dealing with a FFM could prove useful. Also having the captain be able to trail me without having to drag a smb would be sweet. Sometimes you just want to get on the throttle and go. I am most excited about the potential to mark waypoints in situ. I spend a lot of time searching for the various treasures the oceans holds and being able to mark and easily return to a target could make stuff like this very economically advantageous. I'v been on the fence with the Desert Star Sport system for some time now and never pulled the trigger due to cost, tech, and having to accumulate several pingers to be useful.

The goal of the My Dive Line is a dive computer sized wrist unit with a 2km range and 15 hour battery life. Their tech and software is apparently proprietary and kept confidential. They have developed a new button system they seem very excited about so I'm curious to see what all the fuss is about. I just hope its not a gen1 Dream tappy tap.

Just as every diver does not require a $10k dpv, Perdix computer, or personal fill station those who benefit from the tech certainly appreciate it. I think the complication of producing a working unit and cost of bringing something like this to market has failed in the past based on low sales projections. Hopefully this will come to fruition and become more feature rich in future releases.