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Thread: Older MEG Tappered head?

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    Older MEG Tappered head?

    Hey guys I was wondering of any of you still run with your old meg 2.01 tapered heads? I'm asking this to see if any have had experience with them cracking etc? For those who do not know what I mean. When i say tapered. If you look at the top of your 2.01 or 2.05, youll.see where the cables come out of the head. If at the point of penetration you see threads with Teflon tape, you have a tapered head. On the other hand if you look and see a flat nut against the head where the cables or penetrate then you do not have a tapered head. For me I have my primary 2.7 head which is the new style not tapered. And then I actually bought a brand new never wet older 2.01 that is a tapered head as a back up. I bought that head for. $350!!!

    So again is anyone out there still using these heads with success?
    Or if anyone has used them.hoe many people have expoieced problems with them.

    I'd really appreciate the feedback. Thanks guys!

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    Re: Older MEG Tappered head?

    Yes, Almost weekly in the summer.

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