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Thread: Why we need better CO monitors!

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    Why we need better CO monitors!

    Here is a newspaper article of a possible carbon monoxide contamination in the UK:


    In addition to checking the mix and oxygen concentration, I really believe that we should also check the tanks for CO!

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    Re: Why we need better CO monitors!

    You say "better".....I would say that from what I have seen, a majority do nothing for CO testing....let alone a "better" monitor.

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    Re: Why we need better CO monitors!

    I analyze every tank with a CooTwo. Does O2 and CO. They're cheap, work, and since Analox discontinued their CO meter, it's sort of the only readily available CO analyzer on the market.

    The problem isn't that we need better CO monitors, it's that we need to be diligent about actually using what's available. Analyze every tank, always. Simple as that. The Meg checklist has a field for dil/O2, while it doesn't have one for CO, if you're analyzing your gas anyway, why not kill two birds with one stone.

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