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dive what ever gas you like , what,s all this allow bullsh6t,
While you are at home diving self supported (friends bots, own gas logistic tec.) the allow BS does not matter..
If you go elsewhere where you need support from professional dive shops depending on the area.. the "allow BS" comes unfortunately into play.

I don't think that any agencies normox Mix ticket "officially allows" for diving non mix deeper than the rec limits or other certs you hold..

So in IANTD there is the so called Technical diver that uses Nitrox (or air) up to 54 m and uses two decompression gases.

Knowing the normox and the technical diver course I can say that practical content and most of theory content (except that in the technical diver course you learn nothing about trimix) is the same. So logically you should qualify to dive "deep air" as well..

But let me ask you a question, what is your plan further on?
If you have thoughts progressing to "real" trimix furtheron anyways and given you already are ART, then probably the technical diver is the better option for you as with the Technical diver "allows" you to progress directly to "Full" Trimix..

And before you progress to full trimix you already have all the tools you need..

But do yourself a favor and get a breather.. no one wants to do serious mix dives OC.. you waste everybodies precious Helium and loose a fortune of money..