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Thread: Hollis Discontinuing Rebreathers?

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    Re: Hollis Discontinuing Rebreathers?

    Quote Originally Posted by Pat O'Brien  View Original Post
    Just had this emailed to me, I guess we now know there real plans.

    Hollis Rebreathers LLC is pleased to announce its recent acquisition of the Hollis Rebreather product line from American Underwater Products (AUP).

    The company’s team members are excited to begin operations, and will utilize a staged approach to production and service of the Hollis Rebreathers. As of July 15, we will begin shipments of available Prism 2 and Explorer parts. By August 15th, we expect first availability of new Prism 2 units, including factory services for both units as well as information on LSS upgrade services. During this time, available parts will be limited but we expect by August to have complete availability of spare parts for both units. To ensure ease of service, the company has entered into an agreement with Huish Outdoors that will allow Hollis Rebreathers LLC to focus on its core rebreather business while leveraging many of Huish’s worldwide distribution channels and Hollis brand sales representatives, simplifying order processing and servicing.

    Every effort to accommodate warranty services will be made, however, in many cases the warranties provided under American Underwater Products will be deemed non-transferrable. In these cases, Hollis Rebreathers LLC will offer substantially discounted service rates, combined with full unit inspections and an opportunity to acquire an extended service package to ensure reliable operation of your Prism 2 rebreather for years to come.

    Hollis Rebreathers LLC is a newly-formed Wyoming limited liability company affiliated with but operated independently of Huish Outdoors with North American operations out of a shared facility within Huish Outdoors’ headquarters in Salt Lake City, UT.

    Loads of ocean in SLC to do testing... Wyoming too! Hopefully it works out for them, the PRISM is a neat "Steam Machine." Then there's Bear Lake; deep, not so clear, and pretty cold.

    Had an 8 year vacation in the Land O-The-Mo, interesting place. The best skiing in the world, and that's no joke. Summer sucks @$$ too frigin' HOT. Seems the state is really making deep financial incentives for businesses to relocate there. Loads of California businesses are moving out... I wouldn't own a business in CA either, and I live there.

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    Re: Hollis Discontinuing Rebreathers?

    Has anybody heard if they actually started shipping parts and service kits on 7/15???

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    Re: Hollis Discontinuing Rebreathers?

    Today I received this email:

    Thank you for contacting Hollis! I am sorry about those issues you are experiencing with your Prism 2, but we can definitely assist you in getting it back in top condition.
    To send the unit directly to our factory for inspection and servicing, please use the following link and click on Request a RMA: https://huish.returnsportal.net/
    Our service department will then respond via email with instructions on where to send your unit for repairs.
    I also want to sincerely apologize for the delayed response, we have been bogged down with calls and email since taking over Oceanic and Hollis, but were are hiring new team members and doing our best to get back on top of things!
    If you have any further questions, please let me know.

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    Re: Hollis, Huish separation!

    I have the explorer sport ver 1 electronics which has recently not been able to hold a charge, can't swap the batteries due to the seal unit. I spoke with Huish Outdoors which had acuired Hollis rebreathers and was told they have separated themselves from Hollis and will no longer support the unit. I was told that the brothers (Hollis) is in the mist of setting up an email address that I could contact for assistance. I have tried and the email has not yet been setup. I only need a new LSS unit, version 2, to get my rebreather back in the water. If anyone has any addition information about Hollis, please contact me! Thanks Ed
    Looks like i might have to switch to a kiss!

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    Re: Hollis Discontinuing Rebreathers?

    I placed an order about a month ago for O2 sensors for my Explorer through my local Hollis dealer and was told they were on back-order. I called Hollis to inquire about the sensors and electronics upgrade and when I finally got a hold of a rebreather rep at Huish (via the Hollis support number), I was told that the Explorer has been discontinued and the upgrade was not going to be shipped. According to the rep, Huish bought the rights for the Prism2 but not the Explorer and that AUP had gone bankrupt and that is why it was not available. They did say that Hollis is offering a trade-in/upgrade from the explorer to the Prism ($3000). It has taken me a while to actually get a hold of someone that deals with rebreathers at Hollis since they were acquired.

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