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Thread: rEvo Tank Cam Bands

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    Re: rEvo Tank Cam Bands

    Quote Originally Posted by Nicool  View Original Post
    I must confess i also put a moisture absorber in exhale lung, i have been always doing this and so does my wife.
    A rEvo instructor told us it wasn't recommended practice for about the reasons you've mentioned Paul, so we took them out, but given the amount of water that we could retrieve in the exhale lung after, say, a 2/3 hours dive, that concerned us and we put back the absorbant (although we cut it down to half-size of the inhale lung absorbant, to reduce its cluttering impact).

    When i squeeze that absorbant after a 2/3 hours dive, i see quite some water pouring out.
    Wouldn't this bring any issue Paul?
    Also when i do 2 shallow dives in a day with not much time between and/or not a good environment to leave the unit open, i let the unit closed in between. In this context as well, i wouldn't be too comfortable leaving the exhale lung with that amount of water in, but maybe i am concerning myself for nothing here?

    I now know and understand Pauls point on why to not put one there....but every single one of the dozen+ revo divers that I dive with.....all put one in the exhale lung to catch slobber and the minor amount of water that gets past the mouth on a long, long dive.

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    Re: rEvo Tank Cam Bands

    I also put a moisture absorbent in the exhale lung for a few years, did not notice any effect on the work of breathing, but found the oxygen and dil tubes were too cramped and ended up getting kinked. I now no longer use an absorbent in the exhale lung.

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    Re: rEvo Tank Cam Bands

    Interestingly enough, my rEvo is currently at the factory for service and they found a small leak in exhale counterlung, which i was kindof expecting but not fully sure, since positive/negative tests were ok.
    With that leak fixed, i'll certainly have much less water in counterlung, meaning i'll give another try at diving without absorbant in that lung.


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