Hello all, my wife and I are thinking of taking a CCR trip to Alor Indonesia this August 20th through 31st. The dates are somewhat flexible, but have been chosen to be as close to the waxing full moon as possible, which usually ensures the greatest fish aggregations. My last trip to Alor was in 2008 and the diving was spectacular, excellent visibility and very healthy flora and fauna from the most rare macro to big animals, including large pelagics like Mola Mola and several species of sharks. The scenery above sea level is also spectacular, Alor and the surrounding islands are volcanic and steep, topping out above 4000 feet.

After extensive research the first time I chose this operation:


The owner has a wealth of local knowledge, dives year round and is very accommodating. The boat is large, with a head, galley, plenty of shade and a large stair like dive ladder which provides the easiest exit from the water I've ever used. 02 will be decanted with a whip, there is no booster, but the cylinders will be kept on the boat to fill as necessary. Sorb will be shipped in from Bali, so all we need to bring are the CCRs and our back gas cylinders.

If we can get two more people we could easily afford to rent the entire boat for approximately $120 per per person day with lunch and have our own itinerary, including the possibility of an overnight trip to nearby islands. Accommodations will be in the town of Kalabahi and are not high end but are clean, have AC and are very reasonable.

We will probably spend some non dive time in Bali before going to Alor, internal air travel between Alor and Bali will be booked by the dive operator and is generally pretty reasonable. Our international airfares are holding steady at just under 1000 a person from the US.

This is not a commercial venture, we would all be paying the same amount for diving and accommodations. I highly recommend this trip to anyone who likes wildlife and getting away from it all. Alor has some of the best diving I have ever done, it's a beautiful place and I don't remember seeing any other dive boats the whole time I was there, though there are other operations, all of which are more costly and not rebreather friendly.

Think about it and let me know, thanks! -Andy