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Thread: Gas Mixers & Tools

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    Gas Mixers & Tools

    Some time ago i was searching for good Gas Mixer. I thought that i'll find some kind of list where i'll be able to pick what i need. It wasn't so easy so i created my own list.
    Maybe it'll be handy for someone
    If anyone is using something different please leave a comment or PM me.
    On this list there's no software like V-Planner, NAUTILUS etc which contains gas mixers included.

    [(Excel) Bank Manager v3.0]
    [(Excel) BB mixer]
    [(Excel) Best Mix Spreadsheet Metric]
    [(Excel) Compressor Utilities]
    [(Excel) Contingues Blend Trimix]
    [(Excel) Draeger Rebreather Calculator]
    [(Excel) Expedition Gas Planner - metric]
    [(Excel) Gas Blending Utility Spread Sheets]
    [(Excel) Gas Wizard Metric]
    [(Excel) HELIAIR selection table]
    [(Excel) Heliair spreadsheets]
    [(Excel) Hellas Rebreather Divers - MixedGasCalculations]
    [(Excel) Lobster Lady's Emergency Helium Calculator]
    [(Excel) Mix Calculator]
    [(Excel) Mix Calculator E.R.D]
    [(Excel) NASE Minimum Gas Reserve & SAC Rate Calculator]
    [(Excel) Nitrox 'Have Want Need' Calculator v2]
    [(Excel) Partial Pressures]
    [(Excel) Real Gas Blender]
    [(Excel) RockBottom v2.0]
    [(Excel) SAC Calculator]
    [(Excel) SCR-Calculations & Gas-Mix-Panel]
    [(Excel) SPARE-AIR Gas Consumption Calculations]
    [(Excel) Super Best Mix Spreadsheet]
    [(Excel) Teckie Stuff v3.2E]
    [(Excel) TRIMIX gas blend calculator]
    [(Excel) Yet Another Gas Mix Calculator (YAGaMiC) v2.1]

    [Blender v1.23]
    [DIR WetNotes v1.1.3]
    [Divers AirMate v1.0.0]
    [Diving Calculator v1.0.0.0]
    [DSAT Gas Mix Calculator v5.2]
    [FILLHELP v4.0]
    [GAP Multibank gasmixer v1.1 Build 40]
    [Gas Blender v1.0]
    [Gas Calculator from DECOM v1.0.0.1]
    [Gas Calculator v1.0]
    [Gas Mixer v1.23]
    [GASMIX v1.3 - Trimix & EANx Blending Calculator]
    [GASMIX v2.1]
    [GASMIX v3.0]
    [GASMIX v5.4]
    [GASMIX v6.0]
    [GMP (Gas Management Program) v2.3.0]
    [GUE Gas Management Program v2.5.3]
    [HLP Blender v1.0.2685 (beta)]
    [J-Gas Mixer v1.0.8]
    [KompTec Gase mischen v2.01]
    [MASTERMiX v1.8.034]
    [MischgasRAB v1.2]
    [MischgasVDST v2.1]
    [Mix Calculator 1.0.3 (Beta)]
    [MIX Manager v1.2]
    [MixCalc v1.0 for Casio graph-calculators]
    [MixMaster v2.00 (part of Voyager 2000 later)]
    [NiTriMix v1.1]
    [NITROX Blender v1.2.1]
    [Nitrox Calculator v1.1.0]
    [Nitrox Mischgasprogramm]
    [Nitrox Rechner v0.0.1 LINUX]
    [Nitrox Rechner v4.5]
    [Nitrox v1.0]
    [Nitrox v1.2]
    [Nitroxrechner v4.81]
    [OP-trimix (Trimix Opimizer) v3.0]
    [PastoBlend v2.0.0]
    [PP Mixer v3.0 for Windows]
    [PPMC (Partial Pressure Mix Calculator) v0.2a]
    [RAMPA - Pomocnik Gas Blendera v1.0]
    [SAC Calculator]
    [SAC Calculator v1.0]
    [Scuba Calculations Beta v0.99h]
    [Scuba Calculations v1.01]
    [Scuba Diving Tools v0.1B]
    [Scubamat v1.1]
    [SimplyAquatics Blender v1.0.14]
    [Tech Gas Blender v2016.01.04.21]
    [Threcks Nitrox Calculator v1.30]
    [Trimix by blending Heliox and Air v1.2]
    [Trimix by blending Heliox and Air v1.4 for HP49G & HP48 calculator]

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    Re: Gas Mixers & Tools

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